The Conflict Between Religion and Politics

Religion and politics both deal with a lot of important matters. They both acquire power but obviously with different approaches. The difference of the two somewhat forbids people to make it topics of a conversation or small talk to avoid clash of perceptions.

There is also the famous study of separation of church and the government. The reason is because even if they have goals and aim good for the people, the representations come from different resources. Religion is basing everything from the Divine Law, and politics is of course basing theirs from man-made laws and diplomacy.

This conflict between the church and the government also ignites when some man-made laws which are against the teachings based on the Divine law, are created and proclaimed. One of the best example is the use of contraceptives for family planning. Most of the religions are against any contraceptives while the government issues bill and laws for it so families will be able to limit their reproduction and somewhat stop or minimize poverty.

Another one is the death penalty. According to the Divine law, no man shall take a life of another man. This clearly states that the church is against the said penalty for no one has the right to take life of the other. The church believes that only God can take life and people should be given the chance to live and change. On the other hand, the government believes that death penalty for heinous crimes will help a country lower the crime rate.

Religion and politics both work for the common good of their people. The conflicts mentioned are clearly because of the beliefs and not because of how they implement their power. There is a real struggle to make the two lead with the same approach as it is clearly impossible for one to adopt the approach of the other. Solving the conflict cannot be done by a sprinkler repair service, it is not easy and it is impossible.