Cultural Apologetics  

Equipping the Church to assert Truth in a way that is rational and persuasive in order to recapture the relevance of Christianity to all of life

Cultural Apologetics is a one-of-a-kind course taught by Michael. Based on his popular book Uncompromised Faith, this highly interactive course will train Christians to better understand the various cultural and philosophical forces that challenge the truth claims of Christianity and equip them to respond intelligently and with compassion as commanded in Colossians 4:6.

By understanding the ideological roots that form today’s social and moral consensus Christians can more effectively defend God’s truth and thus demonstrate the relevance of Christianity to all of life. In addition, this course examines those ideological forces common to contemporary culture that inhibit both the reception of the Gospel by unbelievers but also the integration of the Gospel [or Christian life and worldview] into the heart and mind of believers.

Students are required to purchase Uncompromised Faith along with the online Study Guide. Approximate cost for all materials is $15.00.

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Self-Directed Small Group / Individual Study Option:

You can also purchase Uncompromised Faith along with its Study Guide for personal study or to lead a small group study and discussion. The Study Guide is written to also serve as a facilitator's guide and you can listen to Michael's lectures online. Visit the Media section of our website and select "Cultural Apologetics Course."

Small group facilitators are invited to contact Michael if they have any questions or needs. You can reach Michael by email or by calling the office at 972.596.6948



What Others are Saying:

“Your course has opened my eyes to the crisis in today’s church as well as my own faith. I can now see how I too have conformed to the world and never knew it. Thank you for all you do! May God expand your ministry across this nation. Your voice and knowledge are desperately needed if we are to recover the true Christian faith in America."


“This is important information that we all need to study and understand. It peeled off the layers of deception that the world imposes on all of us. This class has been another valuable stepping stone in drawing me closer to the Lord and seeking His wisdom.”


"I have been a Christian since I was 12 years old and have attended church and bible school since I was 6 weeks old…however, I have to say that the Cultural Apologetics class, without a doubt, has strengthened my armor and cut the deepest into the heart of my beliefs and challenged me to know…really know “how to give an answer” to an unsaved and arrogant culture.




Course Outline:

Session 1: Resurrecting Relevance – The Case for Cultural Apologetics

This session examines the evidence of growing irrelevance of Christianity in shaping the culture in Western civilization and specifically America. We will address the impact of anti-intellectualism in rendering the Church ineffective in shaping culture and subsequently the advance of the Gospel by allowing barriers to belief or false pretensions to become established as the general consensus in American culture. By equipping ourselves with a “Cultural Apologetic” we can speak to the social and moral issues of our day in a way that returns Christianity to a place of intellectual and cultural relevance.

Session 2: Modernism and Modernity – Practicing Resistance Thinking

This session will examine the influence of modernism as a philosophy and modernity as a reality upon the reception of the Gospel. We will understand how to identify and gently tear down these false ideas and impulses that present barriers to reception of the Gospel as well as hinder our own commitment to Christ’s Lordship.

Session 3: Postmodernism – An Opportunity for Evangelism

This session examines the influence of postmodern ideas and values upon the contemporary mind and how it has created resistance to the Gospel. Furthermore we will explore how postmodernism can in fact be used to ultimately create conditions favorable to the reception of the Gospel.

Session 4: Consumerism – Want in an age of Plenty

This session examines consumerism as a pervasive and persistent force working in American culture that is undermining individuals, disintegrating families and communities, and sapping the Church of its influence and relevance.

Session 5: Sexual Ethics – The Sexual Revolution’s Contribution to Unbelief

This session exposes the clearly defined and methodically advanced worldview behind the efforts to completely redefine sexual ethics and the family in the West. We will chronicle the historical origins of this ideology and its rise. We will also examine the Sexual Revolution’s role in the establishment of postmodern thought and the loss of absolute truth.

Session 6: Homosexuality – Thinking Critically ~ Acting Compassionately

This session will expose the many myths and misconceptions surrounding homosexuality and equip Christians with the truth about this devastating lifestyle. We will examine how the homosexual political agenda both threatens and hinders the Gospel. Lastly, we will discuss how we as Christians should respond to the individual trapped in homosexual behavior.

Session 7: Same-Sex Marriage – Defending the Natural Family

This session will offer the historical, sociological and empirical evidence affirming biblical marriage and its profound role in society and the Church. In light of attempts to radically redefine and/or abolish the biblical standard for marriage, it is imperative that we as Christians first understand and demonstrate God’s principles for marriage while also working to offer an articulate defense of God’s truth.

Session 8: Feminism – Debunking Christianity as Oppressive to Women

This session explores the allegations that Christianity is inherently oppressive to women and demonstrates in fact that it is only Christianity that offers any valid basis for justice and true equality.

Session 9: New Age Spirituality – The Coming Religious Order

This session examines the rise of neo-pagan religious thought in Western culture and its growing acceptance as the new religious order over and against the “old religious order” of Christianity. We will also explore how both modernism and postmodernism have played a pivotal role in the embrace of this new religious synthesis and how to refute the truth claims of these ancient pagan practices and beliefs.