Keeping Faith that God Helps Us Find Solutions to Our Medical Problems

While it is typical for religious folks to rely on God’s Providence to keep them safe from threats of diseases, science must still seek medical solutions. Mainly because the scientific methods of treating health disorders and injuries is one way by which God can provide answers to those who pray for His help.

That is why the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy (FPN) has expressed great appreciation for the support given by Congress in granting funds that will see to increased researches on neuropathy.

Under the 2021 Omnibus Appropriations Act, peripheral neuropathy has received recognition as a condition eligible to receive research funding. This denotes that the 2021 budget jointly approved by Congress has allocated federal funds for conducting studies concerning a condition that has been increasingly affecting more than 30 million Americans in recent years.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy

To explain peripheral neuropathy, we must first define neuropathy. Neuropathy per se, is the damaged or dysfunctional condition of one or more nerves that is manifested through feelings of pain that sometimes combine with numbness, tingling sensations and muscle weakness.

When described as peripheral, this denotes that the neuropathy that is occurring in affected areas, is connected to a health disorder. Such disorders may include but are not limited to diabetes, HIV, or hepatitis C, and in some cases, as results of cancer treatment like chemotherapy.

Neuropathy even if not peripheral, is known to have disabling effects that can cause sufferers to lose balance due to numbness in hands and feet. Muscle weakness is a condition that sometimes accompany feelings of pain. Time and again, medical researchers have explained that pain is a symptom and not the disorder itself. Through complaints of pain, an attending physician will examine the overall health condition of a patient to determine if pain is a symptom of another health impairment.

However, not all neuropathic pain is caused by a health disorder as some may stem from an injury, or one that is slowly developing overtime in response to certain changes occurring in the body. What is important is to have a medical professional to diagnose one’s overall condition in order to arrive at the right medical treatment, or even non-medical treatment in addressing neuropathy.

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God Shows Compassion but Believers Must Still Take Action

Even as we fervently pray for God’s compassion in helping us find solutions in alleviating our physical pain, we as believers should take proactive actions. Our body is God’s gift to us and keeping it well enough to avoid, if not to worsen a neuropathic condition, peripheral or otherwise, is our way of showing appreciation for God’s gift.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the main course of action that God wants us to take, which simply entails eating the right kinds of food, having proper rest and engaging in exercises or activities that help promote proper blood circulation.

While it may be difficult for some people to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to dire economic conditions, God in his Divine Mercy will answer prayers through other people who can help provide them their needs.