Is is not possible to consider culture and the forces that shape culture without a proper and thorough consideration of the Arts. The Arts can and do play a powerful prophetic role in shaping culture as evidenced by the contemporary prophets of secular culture. Presently, the creative arts represent an overwhelmingly secular and often nihilistic worldview that conceals the Truth and only points to despair. There is perhaps no more important sphere of culture into which Christians should assert the Christian life and worldview than that of the creative arts.

Rather than hopelessness and despair, Christian artists, poets, and writers have pointed to hope amidst a fallen and broken world that still reflects the beauty and glory of God. Additionally, Christians have employed the Arts to convey powerful truths about life and reality in hopes of shaping the philosophical consensus in culture. As one committed to pressing the Lordship of Jesus Christ into every aspect of life and culture, I have recently been inspired to convey Christian truths utilizing poetry as a form of prophetic cultural engagement. I invite you enjoy and use my work in this area for His glory.

If you would like to reprint any of these poetic works, please notify us by e-mail so we may know of their use and publication.

    S. Michael Craven


A single life emerges,
imbued with soul and blood.
Mired in darkness’ damage,
concealing things above.

Prone to pathways wander,
in search of something sure.
To this or that is given self,
convinced that self is pure.

Nonetheless, a glorious ruin,
reflecting something more.
Slowly self subsides,
as soul is drawn to Door.

Comes persistent knocking,
it’s sound cannot resist.
Soul’s weary hand upon the knob,
turns and Life is kissed.


I love thy self; a dreadful man is he.

I cannot break his fiendish bond.

Thy self won’t let me be.

But bring him to an end, I can’t.

I hold him tighter still.

He hinders me from all thy good.

Yet, him I cannot kill.

Who will save me from this fiend?

Is there any greater than he?

There is One, He is I AM but I AM is not me.

He showed the way to kill this man.

By love He set me free.

How, you ask did He thus do?

By hanging on a tree... 


Love twisted, bent, and broken,
something is not right.
Bodies as mere objects,
true love has taken flight.

Longing for connection,
body, soul, and heart.
They become destroyer,
in tearing these apart.

Offered to another,
and given in return.
Safely in its setting,
is where true love will burn.

By Chance or Something Blessed?

Scarred, bent, and broken,
some saying these are less.
What is it to be human?
By chance or something blessed?

If nature all and nothing more,
how blessed can creatures be?
No point, no purpose, no meaning,
therein the end we see.

But if I am created,
there is more to me.
If more there is I want to know,
my face must turn to Thee.




To Stand, To Fight, To Care

There are moments in this life,
When something must be done.
A cause to which is given,
a battle to be won.

Most will shrink and falter,
Some will simply run.
Cold hearts; their own; “my life,” 
for which all things are done.

The Father always watching,
searching here and there.
For one who is determined,
to stand, to fight, to care.

To these the grace is given;
be strong, stand firm, be there!
A light amid the darkness,
a beacon that will dare.

The credit goes not to them,
but to the One who calls.
Tho’ honor them we must,
for they walk in hallowed halls.

Refusing to stay down, 
when hope appears to die.
They stand once more all hope restored,
into the breech they fly!

A Dreadful Truth

Theirs is going on,
while yours stays in its place.
The possible remembered,
the future of his face.

Anguished by what could have been,
a son, a child, full life.
Knowing these will never be,
no answers will suffice.

Trade this pain you wouldn’t,
for a moment of his smile.
A life so dearly worth it,
be it only for a while.

Upon these facts of sorrow rest,
a dreadful truth you see.
Eventually comes the end of all,
pray God have mercy on me.

If you would like to reprint any of these poetic works, please notify us by e-mail so we may know of their use and publication.

© S. Michael Craven. All rights reserved