How Can The Pandemic Crisis Affect The State Of Political Affairs In The Country?

We were all taken by surprise when the novel strain of the coronavirus managed to spread from the Chinese City of Wuhan to every continent of the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) officially called the Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) as a pandemic in March, with rate of infection in hundreds of countries all over the globe climbing at an exponential rate since then. Although, we are already seeing some countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Iceland, South Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand that seemingly handled the COVID-19 situation very well, as evidenced by their less daily reported cases.

It is said that these countries acted promptly to contain the spread of the disease, all thanks to their government’s quick response when the situation asks for it. Unfortunately, not every country has the same story. Take the United States of America as an example, which is currently the leading country in terms of the most number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. People blames the poor leadership and government in addressing the pandemic crisis. Thus, there is nothing to stop them from using the COVID-19 crisis as a reason to shake up the political atmosphere in their country, in hopes that by doing so, their next political head would do a better job.

Finding The Leader Who Protects The Welfare Of His People

With the 2020 presidential election in the United States on the way, it should already be expected that everything will go extremely political. The pandemic crisis also couldn’t come at a better timing, as the American people will certainly use their experiences from this crisis in their decision to pick the rightful head of state. Obviously, this does not bode well for President Donald Trump’s bid for reelection this year, as he is being blamed for all the troubles that the United States has faced since the start of the pandemic.

For one, the late call to close the country’s borders is one of the reason why the disease has easily spread in all states. President Trump also repeatedly downplayed the COVID-19 crisis, before it became apparent that the number of cases in the United States would exceed a million. Thus, people became too complacent that everything would fall back into place, which was proven not to be the case at this point.

Taking all these things into consideration, we cannot blame those people who are turning the COVID-19 pandemic as a political matter. In the first place, this should only be a public health concern and not something that can be weaponized for politics. However, the way the government responded to this crisis paved the way for people to use the pandemic against them.

At the end of the day, the welfare of the people should be the topmost priority in dealing with this pandemic. Just visit to see for yourself.


How Good Governance And Political Will Could Have Avoid Us From A Crippling Pandemic

The whole world faced the New Year of 2020 with high hopes that everything would turn out to be a lot better. To be fair, 2019 was not totally a bad year in general, especially when it comes to global affairs. There could be some ups and downs, but there wasn’t anything to disrupt the way of living of millions of people. Enter the first few months of this year, and almost every nation of the world experienced a historic event: a pandemic that threatens to claim millions of lives.

Back in November 2019, the first cases of infection from a novel strain of coronavirus were reported in Wuhan City, located in the Chinese province of Hubei. Information was a little bit scarce back then regarding this novel coronavirus of 2019, which was later on called formally as the SARS-CoV-2, a relative of the SARS virus that had plagued the globe in 2002. The World Health Organization (WHO) was quick to respond to this budding health crisis, and it even gave early warnings that this virus could get us all by surprise. Then in March, the coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) already became a pandemic, and shut down thousands of cities around the world in hopes to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

With warnings being up as early as January, what could have gone wrong? Did governments around the world do something that may have aggravated this situation? Or are there things that they should have done but ended up not doing anyways that led us to this historic health crisis?

Preventive Measures Could Have Been Applied As Early As Last Year To Save More Lives

It was already clear back in January that the novel coronavirus that was born in Wuhan had been spreading like wildfire. The potential for it to spread outside of China was very evident. Yet, in February, there were very little heads up given in ports around the world to check if the virus could be flying into different countries aside from China.

United States of America and Europe had been kind of complacent in dealing with this disease, and this case was very clear when it still permitted flights coming from China when WHO had already issued a public health emergency with the novel coronavirus. And now we see these nations suffering the most from this pandemic, with thousands of people succumbing to the virus. There is no mythical mumbo-jumbo needed here to be saved from the pandemic. All it takes is strong leadership and concern for the general population.

There is always hope that the current situation will get better from here. Although, we should not wait or count until 0345 to make necessary actions to flatten the curve. Better yet, a proper cure to combat the virus itself might be done before this year ends.