Helping Troubled Youths Find Meaning and Purpose in Life

A home-like treatment facility for Washington DC teens known as Avery’s House helps teenagers in trouble by offering a place where they can find a sense of purpose in life. It provides a safe and trustworthy retreat from the stresses of regular routines and pressures of social circles.

Although most parents strive to raise their children in a nurturing atmosphere, certain conditions or experiences during their adolescence could expose them to negative influences. Generally, what most parents do is encourage their children to become involved in religious activities. That way, their teen can connect with populations of youth with whom they can share similar outlooks in life.

Studies about the effects of religion on young people suggest that religiosity can reduce susceptibility to negative influences that lead to alcoholism, drug abuse or even suicidal tendencies. However, some research shows that during adolescence, certain physical changes and additional responsibilities take place that not even religiosity can solve.

The complexity of the experiences that teens go through can make them seek profound relationships outside of religious environments. After all, not all parents of troubled teens are religious. This somehow renders them not capable of convincing their children to take a resilient stance against frustrations and other adverse situations affecting their existence.

The Significance of Having a Teen Retreat for Mental Health Treatment in Washington D.C.

Such cases are common in Washington, which made the establishment of teen retreat treatment facilities like Avery’s House a significant solution in addressing teen mental health issues.


helping families deal with teen mental health problems As a mental health treatment center for teens, there’s a range of therapies that can enhance a young person’s self-worth. All of which offer positive growth that can also lead to the recovery and rebuilding of damaged relationships among family members and friends.

Benefits of Letting One’s Teenage Child Break Free from Routines and Pressures of Unhealthy Influences

Let your troubled teenage child stay in a mental health facility that offers a safe and home-like environment where they can participate in different mental therapy programs. Allowing them to break free from routines to undergo different experiences can lift the veils of confusion that have been troubling their young minds. Being in a safe and trustworthy environment will enable them to focus on their growth as a person, regardless of whether they belong to a group or not.

believing in individuality regarfless of characteristicsDeveloping a Sense of Individuality – This is an important growth aspect since an adolescent needs to believe that they are acceptable as a distinct person regardless of whether or not he or she belongs to a community or a group of peers. This is important in enhancing a teen’s ability to decide what is good and well for him or herself.

Encourage Mindfulness and Appreciation of Life – Staying in an environment that promotes meaningful philosophies in life will help a troubled teen develop mindfulness and appreciation of his or her existence. He or she will be encouraged to express such thoughts through poetry, art, skills development or devotion to his or her religious practice.

Openness to Teachings and Guidance – A teen mental health facility recognizes the importance of enabling a teen to develop an open mind about guidance on how and what to do towards attaining self-improvement. A mental health retreat can help an adolescent identify life lessons, particularly those that arise from challenging situations. In doing so, they will be motivated to act with gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and fortitude, whichever actions are called for as appropriate reactions.