A Word to Our Pastors...

We want you to know that we exist to serve you and support the work of the local church. As a pastor you are no doubt bombarded with "suggestions," pulled in many different directions and frequently weighed down by the burdens of your office. The Truth@Work Business Roundtable program is designed to help you disciple and equip the business people in your congregation with a thoroughly Christian marketplace missiology.

For more than a decade, Truth@Work has been equipping Christian business leaders through our dynamic Roundtable Program, inspiring them to build kingdom-businesses, achieve business success and grow personally and spiritually. Truth@Work has helped hundreds of Christian business leaders improve business performance and bring balance to the personal and spiritual dimensions of their lives.

In an effort aid our churches and pastors, we have developed an exclusive church-based Truth@Work Roundtable program. 

1. Our church-based program begins with an initial meeting to discuss your specific goals and how Truth@Work can be tailored to meet those objectives.

2. Once you commit to the establishment of a Truth@Work Business Roundtable program within your church, we will work with you to identify and train group facilitators.

3. Following training, we will prepare and provide you with a customized campaign to inform the broader congregation.

4. The information campaign culminates in a church-wide meeting in which we present the Truth@Work Business Roundtable program, inviting small business owners and those interested to join your Truth@Work Roundtable program.

Download a graphic flow chart illustrating the church-based process here.

The church-based program offers a structured whole-life discipleship program specifically designed to help businessmen and women more fully live out their faith in the marketplace. Church-based members pay only $50 per month to access world-class business/theological content that is taught in partnership with your chosen church leaders in a 3-hour monthly meeting.

Because business leaders are such a vital part of the church as well as the culture, imagine the impact of commissioning them to deploy their businesses and skills in the service of the kingdom. Working together, we can help business people, entrepreneurs, CEO's and executives become the gifted leaders that God has created them to be.

Feel free to contact us at 972-596-6948 or by email: roundtables@battlefortruth.org to find out how we can serve you and your congregation.