Stained Glass In Churches Has A More Profound Meaning

Glass is a versatile material where intense heat is applied on quartz or sand for it to be manufactured into glass. The material is utilized in various industries, particularly in the building and construction industry where it is used in both residential and commercial buildings for different purposes.

Glass offers a clean, sleek, as well as modern appeal when utilized in building facades, which gives architects an extensive array of design potentials and possibilities. Glass allows for inventive and innovative designs and could be treated to better insulation as well as energy efficiency. However, glass is also fragile which is why it is imperative to hire the service of a professional glazier for it to be handled with utmost care and installed the proper way with the right tools and equipment.

Hiring A Professional Glazier

Whether used in windows, doors, shower screens, or as office dividers, glass does give that feeling of cleanliness and openness in the room. But, fitting, cutting, repairing, replacing, or installing glass could be a dangerous process that needs to be done only by expert glaziers.

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Stained Glass In Churches – A Deeper Meaning

When it comes to architecture, glass is indeed one of the trendiest choice of material, and of the age-long and most charming is stained glass. While stained glass is popular in many homes in certain areas, it is extremely abundant in most churches across the globe.

While stained glass in churches are bright, bold and brilliant which greatly contributes to the aesthetic of the structure, stained glass and its colors actually have a deeper meaning to them which is why it used in churches for profound reasons.

For a long time, stained glass has been known to be “the poor man’s bible” because in the medieval time, a vast majority of the people were illiterate and couldn’t afford to purchase a bible. Stained glass windows in churches portrayed events in the bible, which then essentially became a picture book for people who couldn’t read. Moreover, the colors in the stained glass also have its own meaning to give the pictures a more profound meaning.

  • RED: represents the blood of Christ, the martyrdom of saints, or intense emotions like love or hate
  • BLUE: a symbolism for heaven, sky, hope, piety, hope, or the Virgin Mary
  • GREEN: the color of nature which symbolizes rebirth and growth, or life over death
  • VIOLET: a representation for truth, passion, love, and suffering
  • WHITE: represents innocence, chastity, and purity, and frequently associated with God
  • BLACK: rarely seen on stained glass in churches, it symbolizes regeneration and death
  • YELLOW: depicts Judas which then can represent treachery, however it is used in the halo o saints as well, can represent the Gates of Heaven, as well as power, divinity, and glory
  • PURPLE: it was believed that Christ wore purple prior His crucifixion, hence it represents suffering and endurance. It can also symbolize royalty or God the Father
  • GRAY: it symbolizes humility, mourning, as well as immortality of the spirit
  • BROWN: represents spiritual death as well as the renunciation of material or worldly things
  • RAINBOW: a joyful representation of the union as well as the covenant of God with humanity