The Relationship Between Countries

We have what we call International Law. International law is to govern the relationship between countries especially its member States. The question is, what are the importance of International law to the relationship of all its member States?

  1. International law protects each citizen especially when outside their country of origin. The laws being enjoyed by a citizen of a particular country should also be enjoyed by a foreigner visiting that country given that the foreigner was intentionally put into jeopardy and denied of due process.
  2. Human rights are also under the International law. Through it, even the vulnerable groups located in a different State can be given assistance through another member State. The vulnerable groups include the women, children, the elderly and those persons with disabilities. The best example here is the America’s withdrawal of troops at Afghanistan that lead to Taliban taking over. The incident obviously affected the vulnerable groups and through international law and the actions of the United Nations, the happenings now is quite lighten.
  3. United Nations who has been very hands on and active when it comes to human rights  also promotes peace and order between countries.

These are just some of the importance of having international law and knowing the relationship of the countries. The combined governance of the States lead their people to have harmonious relationship and prevent conflicts that can lead to a massive destruction, into the people and to the country. With the proper communication of the countries’ leaders, every person can actually be saved.

Since a lot is actually happening in our world today, every one of us should be vigilant while reading the current events and when giving our comments. International news can be seen and the current events can be retrieved from Deccan Herald, a site that posts the latest and keep everyone updated.