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The Center for Christ & Culture is pleased to offer you a free subscription to the weekly podcast of Michael's Truth in Culture commentaries. Subscribe one time and you can have the Truth in Culture Weekly automatically downloaded to your iPod or similar MP3 player each week. Listen when its convenient for you or on the go. Each week's message is approximately 7-9 minutes in length.

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To subscribe to a podcast in iTunes, the most commonly used podcasting program, follow these steps:

1. Use your cursor to highlight and copy the following link:

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The podcast will appear in your podcast library. Double-click the name of the Podcast to download and listen to the latest program.  If you use a portable audio player, then programs will automatically be synchronized to your device.

You can also search the iTunes Music Store / Podcasts for "Truth in Culture" and click "subscribe for free."

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Subscribe to the podcast using “podcatcher” software.  There are several programs available for free such as iTunes, Doppler, or ipodderx.

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