Politics And Religion

Relationship of Politics and Religion

It’s only May, and we’ve got plenty of developments in faith and politics.

1. Hillary Clinton is now a spiritual candidate for president
In a contest that is usual, we could argue about which candidate’s religious. It’s a no-brainer this season. Hillary Clinton is rooted in the social justice tradition of the United Methodist Church. Bernie Sanders was called “unabashedly irreligious,” and piety is not part of the Donald Trump new.

Hat-tip to Jack Jenkins in thinks progress for choosing up this (you want to read his whole piece on Clinton’s faith).

2. Yet no Protestants about U.S. Supreme Court
For the past six years, there were no Protestants regarding the U.S. Supreme Court in June. This is far better in comparison with the courtroom’s historic composition.

President Obama nominated Merrick Garland, after Justice Antonin Scalia before this season expired. The moment it is unlikely this year that Garland is going to be regarded by the Senate, he would add an additional justice. Later on, we may observe this court’s Hindu. U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Sri Srinivasan has been about the short-list because of its court and will most likely be thought of by other Democratic presidents.

3. Another WASP pioneer in a different branch
What will Democratic Party leaders and the Republican at Congress and the White House have in common? One is a Protestant–Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi together with Vice President Joe Biden is Catholic. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is a Latter-Day Saint (aka Mormon). Obama attended a United Church of Christ congregation before running for president. According to a recent Pew report, “Today, Obama calls himself a Christian,” yet is not a regular churchgoer.” (No, He is not a Muslim)

4. Pro-life Democrats: From voting bloc to near-extinction in six years
As I mentioned earlier this week, there are now two pro-life Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives. There were. But adhering to these Democrats they have seen their amounts cut. Redistricting was a component in the reduction. The result diplomatic and partisanship places are equivalent.

5. Hindus for Trump
Trump is big at least one of Hindus. A group of Hindu activists in New Delhi has been rumored that Trump would win the election.

Why? According to the Associated Press, the demonstration and prayer comprised the banner “because he has hope for humanity against Muslim terror”.

The enemy of the enemy is your friend that the enemy is going to be Muslims.

The Washington Post reported into a new set in the U.S. that is small but gaining attention: Hindus for Trump. According to the Twitter and Facebook pages of this group,

American Hindus are model citizens, educated and equally forth. We are in need of a nation where Americans are protected and liberated.

Their tweets include statements like, “Keep Islam in the USA!”. Islamophobia Hindus to find the image of the offender meditating about Trump’s blossom? This is the image of faith along with politics this season.



Flashback to 2016: How a Broken Faucet Explains the Election in 2016


John Dickerson is a host that explains how the supporters of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders felt the sense of rage. The two are the political outsiders (self-styled type) who promised to end usual business operations in Washington.

The one Dickerson was referring to was during the 2016 election were things are so heated up and issues are always about Donald Trump. The CBS newsman said that these voters thought of politics as a broken bronze kitchen faucet in a public restroom that needs to be fixed. In order for you to fully understand what he meant by that ready below Dickerson statement:

Dickerson described how it feels to him. “Okay, so I was at a McDonald’s recently. On the road. I stop. I’m in the men’s room. And I’m standing there next to a guy, and we’re both trying to use the faucet. It is like one hand-activated faucet. However, it is not at all activated. We were both standing, trying to activate it. We looked like we are doing a 12-inch scratch because we were, you know, doing this to move it and it won’t budge. The guy gets frustrated. That is what the voters feel.”

Voters like the old faucets better. So somebody enforced a thing on their lives, and the one thing they enforced does not work. When it does not work, they have nobody to see to fix it.

Based on the statement above Trump’s campaign is altogether about going back to what a few voters look at as better times- a period prior to the imposition of this kind of malfunctioning auto water taps – the Affordable Care Act, governmental correctness and illegal immigration. Regrettably, the news media did not look at the surge of Trump coming since it did not realize how solid and prevalent these aggravations were.


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