Books by S. Michael Craven

Uncompromised Faith: Overcoming Our Culturalized Christianity

Tear down cultural barriers to the reception of the gospel, and learn how to advance Christ's kingdom in today's postmodern, post-Christian culture.
"Valuable wisdom..." - WORLD Magazine

For nearly two-thousand years, Christians have been formulating and presenting a serious interpretation of life that was then applied to every aspect of society and culture. This “interpretation” once shaped the great institutions of Western civilization as well as the social and moral consensus.

The Christian Mind: The Key to Cultural Relevance and Renewal

This 32-page booklet discusses the importance of Christians cultivating their minds as essential instruments in recapturing the relevance of Christ in today’s culture and renewal within the Church. It also gives guidance on how to expand one’s intellectual understanding of Church history, theology, doctrine and other tenets of the Christian faith and explores the devastating influence upon the contemporary Church of “anti-intellectualism” as a principle cause of the individual, social and cultural irrelevance of Christianity today.

Poetic Works

In addition to books, essays, and articles, S. Michael Craven also writes poetry as a creative means of communicating theological truths. You can read some of Michael's poems HERE.