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Each commentary is designed to provide in-depth understanding that will enable you to articulate an intelligent response to today’s most pressing cultural and moral issues from a comprehensive Christian life and worldview. The Weekly is also available on podcast or you can listen online.

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What others are saying about Michael's insightful commentaries:

"The weekly mails I receive from you have shaped and influenced my paradigm and worldview more than anything else for almost 20 years. Thank you!”

-Selase Kwawu, University of Ghana - West Africa

“I am in law school and worked as an intern for Alliance Defense Fund/Blackstone.  I wanted to extend my appreciation for the ministry you are putting forth.  It answers all the practical questions I need and desire in order to work Soli Deo Gloria.”

-Robert Pew, Thomas Cooley Law School

“This piece on mental illness [The Freudian Century] is balanced, fair-minded, and generous but hard-hitting in the very best way. This is very good work my friend. I continue to value your insightful, clear, and popularly written work that makes a real difference in how people will understand cultural issues ‘Christianly.’”

-Dr. John Armstrong, Adjunct Professor, Wheaton College