Reasons For Churches To Use Musical Instruments To Worship

Worship with Music


Lately, a priest in town where I preach chose to begin using tools in their worship meeting. Apparently, the community understands that one of the churches of Christ can be a huge deal since the neighborhood news and paper have done stories on it.

Obviously, I really like my sisters and brothers in congregations that make this choice, however, the issue I have is, “Why should you use tools to worship?” You notice, the burden of evidence isn’t on me to establish why that I do not think in using tools in worship; the lack of proof would be on them to establish why they believe it’s required to use tools.

This is why I do not think any tribe’s arguments for using tools carry water.

1. Is it because you wish to “reach individuals in deeper manners”?

According to the news report, this specific tribe states they added tools to reach individuals in deeper ways. In my opinion, for all it is worth, is that admirable music reaches individuals in distinct manners, but maybe perhaps not deeper manners.

The noise of instrumental songs has the capacity to influence our emotions in deep ways, irrespective of the circumstance. If you’re attending a concert — if this is a rock concert, then a classical orchestra, or even another sort of functionality — that the own emotions are influenced by the audio. Much without lyrics being an orchestra can attract some folks to tears from how in which the music is performed. And even with no lyrics, rock songs may capture your heart pumping and then ship adrenaline flow through your veins. This isn’t a spiritual encounter, but also a physical and psychological experience.

When this exact identical phenomenon is utilized in worship, then it gives individuals the belief which their hearts have been awakened from the Spirit, however, it’s similar to their feelings that have been manipulated by the strings of the piano and guitar.

What’s more, not find it a little condescending to state that instrumental music can reach people in deeper manners than congregational that a cappella singing could? If instrumental music is heavier, would not that indicate a cappella singing is more shallow? For two million decades, fantastic numbers of Christians have sung tunes, hymns, and spiritual songs to the Lord with no accompaniment of mechanical devices. They created music together using the tool of their own heart. They instructed and admonished another using all the words of those tunes.

It’s the words of those tunes that hit the center of all additional religious people and it’s the words of those tunes that hit the center of God. Instruments, especially with great quality like the best trumpet brands, may reach individuals in distinct manners, but perhaps not deeper manners.

2. Is it because you would like to reach more folks?

Virtually whenever a choice to include tools were created, the direction states it had been done to achieve people. “we would like to make it to the unchurched of the neighborhood,” they state, “and we can not achieve them unless we provide them worthy worship services.” This might seem noble, however, I feel it’s a wholly mistaken motivation.

This attitude indicates a misunderstanding regarding the essence of worship. Worship occurs if redeemed and sanctified individuals come before the throne with a holy God and reverently bow before Him. After the objective of worship changes into attracting and interesting that the “unchurched,” it could no more — in any way — be known as worship.


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I would like to reach the missing. More than anything else on the planet, I wish to reach the missing. In reality, I have committed my entire life to educating people about the gospel. But, worship goes back to God. It doesn’t belong to the entire world. Frankly, it does not matter what the planet wants to listen to worship; it matters what God would like to listen to.

Educate the gospel to the missing (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). Baptize them to Christ (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-16; Galatians 3:27). Fill them up using all the terms of Christ, so his word resides in them (Colossians 3:16). Stand with them and lift fervent praises to the God who has redeemed you. Educate them to love — and love — the religious character of worship. Educate them that worship isn’t all about the sensual and sensual delights of the flesh, however, about matters of a religious character.

3. Is it because you would like to let folks flaunt their abilities?

For me personally, the most upsetting portion of the news narrative was that the very last line, “The people who play the songs are from your church and they can showcase their abilities to the remainder of their church community.” I’ve been stating for many decades when worship becomes showcasing our abilities, it stops to become worship.

In our society, we need the spotlight, we carry selfies all of the time, and we also all delve into each tiny achievement on social networking. It is no surprise people are begging to flaunt their abilities “into the remainder of their church community.” But worship isn’t a show. It’s assumed to be a period of deep humility, where all of us encounter God on our knees to showcase that our brokenness and praise Him for curing us. It is not assumed to be a period in which people say, “Consider what I could do,” however, “Consider what he’s done.”

And exactly why is it only the musicians may use this argument for why they need to have the ability to do in sin? Shouldn’t the garbage man and also the barber get exactly the exact identical chance to showcase their own abilities? Certainly not, since worship is not a show.

Congregational singing accomplishes this objective. When all of us sing together — with no choir, praise group, or ring — we’re on flat ground. However, as soon as we turn worship into a fun performance, we’ve missed the whole idea of what worship will be around.

Does this mean men and women are not supposed to utilize their abilities for God? Certainly not! We could still use our abilities to God’s glory using these in regular manners. From the first century, the servant was advised to use his place and his labor for God’s glory (Ephesians 6:1-8). The Christian garbage collector utilizes his abilities to glorify God. The Christian barber utilizes his abilities to glorify God. The Christian physicians, attorneys, and revenue clerks utilize their abilities to glorify God. They do so by performing their everyday and common work in exceptional ways.

You don’t need to bring your abilities to the commemorative assembly to utilize your abilities for God. Since Paul wrote, “If you eat or drink, or no matter what you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).


As I’ve mentioned many times previously, the reason why I do not think in utilizing mechanical instruments in worship is quite easy: God specifically advised us to make songs together with our hearts as well as our lips (Colossians 3:16; Ephesians 5:19). That is it. His specificity means additional methods of earning songs are just not an alternative. And we do not want whatever else. The tools he’s given us are sufficient to perform what He desires us to perform in worship.

Instruments are still divided among Christians. They still turn worship into a show. They keep diverting from the words which are being more vocal. The most important thing is that: Why would you want a tool to worship God? You do not. You do not want one at all.