Joe Biden Running For The Next President Of The United States

Joe Biden will run against Donald Trump in the US presidential election in November. The new US president will be elected on November 3rd. Joe Biden prevailed against Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary campaign. Donald Trump is running for the Republicans again in the US election.

Joe Biden and President Donald Trump discuss Covid-19 in first debate

In the race for the White House, Joe Biden prevailed as the Democratic candidate against numerous candidates, including Bernie Sanders. In November, Biden takes on US President Donald Trump and has the chance to become the 46th President of the United States of America.

What Biden would do differently (by Katrin Brand, ADR Studio Washington)

If Joe Biden gets elected as the next President of the United States, he will need to rebuild what Trump has broken. This includes the relationship with other countries, with China, in particular, and with NATO. This would not be an easy engagement for the future president.

Presidential elections are not won through Foreign policies. In fact, many Americans don’t specifically care about foreign policies that may affect small businesses like a moving company inside and outside the United States. But they do care about anything related to their country or about small businesses thriving to succeed, or to something that satisfies their feeling of living in the greatest country in the world. However, one topic is on top during the election campaign and that is dealing with China.

About two thirds of Americans have a negative view of China being a rogue state. Democrats and the Republicans have a somewhat similar, or ideas not far apart when it comes to punitive tariffs and sanctions.

Democratic candidate, Joe Biden was asked during a presidential debate. Would he allow Chinese companies to build crucial infrastructure within the US grounds? He said No to the question. He said when their (with Obama) was over, he spent more time with Xi Jinping. He said Xi has zero democratic bone in his body and later on called him a “thug”.

In Joe Biden’s years in politics, making his way from the city council to the Senate and eventually being Obama’s vice president, this is not his style. Biden has been engaged with foreign policy for a very long time. But he cannot be too nice to China if he would be the next president.