Why Religion and Politics Should Be Separated 

Today, a lot of people have this kind of problem when they don’t know how to separate their things in politics and religion. This is where every individual is given by the state they will choose their own religion so that they can live nurturing their own purpose in life.

But the problem today is that there are very few who always misinterpret how to deal with the church and the state, the reason why even in every constitution of every country in the world have their own law about this kind of thing.

There are many people who are not aware of these things but they can have their stand listening to a podcast, sharing videos and even watching some serious topic topics in Tubidy. Tubidy is the best platform a lot of people can always visit for their needs in various videos that interest them. So, here are the things you should know why these two should be separated. 

Reasons That It Should Be Separated: Religion and Politics 


  • Both have different principles. 


There are many people that know about this thing but refuse to accept because of various society standards created by humans. There are various videos in Tubidy that explain this kind of point for the people. There are a lot of facts stated and even various Philosophers who studied this first, this kind of theory before and now it’s a fact.


  • Various factors to consider. 


When choosing your religion the state will always allow every individual to belong where they want, but there are some countries that are not like this. They prefer to have one religion, as for them it is a sign of unity among the people they are living within a state or in a country. There are many things that both of these topics different from each other and there are many factors to consider. 



People need to know how this religion and politics differ, any individual who will use their religion winning the politics is not worth it and who will use religion for politics is likewise the same. So, in order not to be confused about separating this, you will need to watch videos.