The Role of Social Media in E-Commerce

Social media serves a vital purpose in online marketing by helping companies establish stronger web presence, generate leads and increase traffic. A well-structured social media strategy is important for improving the development and growth of an ecommerce business. Social media continues to gain popularity owing to its commercial success around the world.

The days of sharing experiences, both good and bad, are long gone. Today, people just go online and check reviews of any product or service that they are desirous of purchasing. Similarly, people check out hotel reviews before booking into one. The same applies when you are planning to visit a new place. Suffice to say, digital media has the supreme power to make or mar business reputations.

Hence, the evolution of social media in e-commerce can no longer be denied. Today let us find out the role of social media to e-commerce sites like Across International

The Usefulness of Real-Time Videos

Live videos are now booming on social networking platforms transforming the e-Commerce world effectively. Brands almost rely on showing off their products through the use of live videos; creative ones like Q&A’s and product demonstrations are done through live videos. Also, real-time videos work more effectively than pictures and video ads on websites. You can also make use of influencers, hiring them is a good advantage for live video promotions.

Hyper-Targeted Advertising

Hyper-targeting means sending highly targeted messages to very specific groups of people. Hyper-targeted advertising in social media lets you target users by:

  • age,
  • sex,
  • language,
  • location,
  • workplace,
  • Education, and
  • Interests.

Hyper-targeting allows brands to keep track of:

  • How well ads are performing
  • How many clicks are coming in,
  • How many people have seen the ad, etc.

Regular Brand Monitoring

The regular monitor makes the brand to be up-to-date with the latest trends. Monitoring makes it easier to stay on message and maintain a consistent tone across The Role of Social Media in E-Commerce channel.
Monitoring allows brands to become more approachable by finding customer inquiries and interactions faster. Monitoring also allows you to have the ability to organize campaigns. Social Media makes brand monitoring easy and convenient by using monitoring tools. Examples are, Mention and SproutSocial and Across International.