The Importance of Expertise and Experience in Addressing Church Roofing Problems

Connecticut churches have unique roof structures when compared to others, as tie beams are halved and arranged in a way that form a scissor-like shape. This unique type of roof construction is largely associated with Connecticut-born architect named Ithiel Town, who introduced the design as a structural advantage when constructing buildings that made use of light walls of brick or timber.

That is why building surveyors and professional roofers in Connecticut say that regular solutions for a residential roof are not applicable when addressing church roofs problems. More so in regions where churches have to endure harsh winds more than houses do.

Commercial Roofing CT contractors that churches look for are those who do not merely look for stains at the undersurface of the roof, and then point where the damage/s are; only to later recommend the replacement of the entire roof as a way of making sure, even if unnecessary.

Importance of Hiring Experienced and Expert Roofers

Churches are built with great altitudes and because of that, any problems in the roofs are hard to address early.

Weathered by different phenomenons, church roofs suffer the most, while problems become bigger when non-professional roofers failed to identify the root cause of the problem. Aside from being a huge waste of money, especially with health and safety requirements for scaffolding and protective equipment, there is still the possibility that the problem will be recurring.

The advantage of hiring a highly experienced and expert roofing firm is the guarantee that they are knowledgeable in examining church roofs and in identifying problems. That way they can determine the kind of roofing repair that works.

Roof problems are often concealed by the construction and fabric underneath. Although the early signs of roof problems are stains that are visible at roof level, experts have proved that it is also important to conduct a deeper inspection of a church’s roof. Not a few building surveyors have come across churches designed by architects who merely recreated a newer version of the old design. As a result, whatever problems related to the old design were retained and as time passed, had eventually surfaced.