Indecencies, Politics and Religion

We’re expecting great deal of things from our elected officials. And that is totally fine! We, the people are the ones who have put them in the “position” and “power” where they are. They’ve been vested with a critical job of representing their country and countrymen and serve its collective interests. But like what the old adage says, nobody’s perfect.

If there’s one thing revelations showed, it’s the fact that even the admired and most influential public figures have a dark side too.

Life under the Microscope

Every move that these officials make are being monitored and watched, regardless if it is good or bad. They’re haunted by the media and seem to be mandated to constantly defend their positions. Every vote make is recorded and every speech is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed. We are praising them for the accomplishments they have made and condemning them for inactions or misdeeds.

Well by nature of both their public as well as private lives, it’s under scrutiny. And over and over, scandals do not hold up pretty well when it comes to scrutiny. When such has been spotted, it’ll automatically be uploaded to various websites and video sharing platforms to spread the news. This is why these political figures should be backed by experienced SEO professionals to quickly mask these events and counter it. Fortunately, hiring Shoutout Digital can make it happen.


Significant political figures have shown penchant for misdeeds and improper behaviors. For instance, during JFK’s time in the White House, he’s notorious for having late night rendezvous with other women. Bill Clinton on the other hand had infamous affair with one of his staffs during his term while Martin Luther King Jr. were reported to have a number of mistresses.

Simply speaking, even political powers and immoralities aren’t new to each other, even to these powerful public figures.

Biblical Moral Compass

Despite of the fact that religion is becoming less popular according to studies, Christians are still making up most of the American voters. Religious voters are more concerned on the subject of morality and to win votes, politicians should be able to appeal to their voter’s Christian values and also, strive hard in showing good moral character.