Why Religion is Crucial in World at Large?

Religion is important on different levels from societal, national and individual of course. However, there are several reasons why it has remained to be relevant to everyone overall. Much like when solving riddles such as from “Someone’s Mom has Four Sons – RiddlesDB”, it may be hard to understand how the riddles are formed and the answers to it, but, it does play a significant role in our brain activities.

Seeking for Greater Purpose

Oftentimes, people are craving to gain better understanding of religion and the world and seeking answers and assigning purpose gives us greater meaning in life. Religion has the ability as well of binding us together from nations and societies. Though, religion has driven conflict amongst countries and people just as how it easily bonded them together.

From the dawn of humanity, people sought connection for greater forces that they too cannot handle. The desire of touching immortality and pondering the unknowable has led mind and heart to religion. This at the same time brought people for a common purpose.

From the ancient times, sages, teachers as well as prophets of religious faith put forth ideas on how to live life ethically and on how to properly treat other people. For so long, religions have provided the “code of ethics” within its respective societies and cultures, which serve as the earliest law.

How Religions are Affecting a Person’s Point of View?

These days, religions are still important as it communities of worship are providing not just excellent opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth but also, the network of support to people in all walks of life. For human wellbeing, getting this sense of belongingness is important. You may not notice it but religion plays a critical role in shaping a person’s:

  • Morals
  • Customs
  • Beliefs
  • Traditions and;
  • Behavior

Shared religious beliefs are binding people together. However, differences in such can also spark wars, divide countries and spur internal splits. This is an indicative that religions have been embedded so deeply in a person’s life.

Regardless if you as a person is a religious person or not, it is necessary to recognize that different individuals have different religious belief that should be respected.