When Politicians Get Together While Having Coffee

When Politicians Get Together While Having Coffee, Insults Become a Joke and Laugh Together

Politicians often display their thoughts and ideals each with passionate arguments about their political choices. Even taunting and contempt are not uncommon out of their comments.

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Yet when they gather at one other table in private, the heat of their debate seems to disappear. Because of what? because they sit relaxed while having good coffee together.

It’s not because they had espresso from the best espresso machine under 100 but because they are, after all just humans much like any average person who would enjoy coffee and some good companionship.

Political contestation

They criticize and rebuke just to get public sympathy. Yet when sitting while having coffee together they laugh at each other even though it is seasoned with insults and rebukes. And that is usual. In fact, they are very ordinary to show when not in public.

Regardless of their stand, when they are sitting with people who are merely sympathizers and supporters, they laugh and rebuke arguments which soon after turn into laughter. It is truly ironic but it is what it is. Coffee seems to be so magical that it turns arguments into laughter, turns enemies into friends, and create some sort of friendship.

The question is, what is it with Coffee? It’s not actually the coffee, it is the natural human behavior that becomes apparent when meeting other people. It’s called manners. You don’t have to be enemies when sitting down having a good cup of coffee but instead, you acknowledge each other with a smile and a little talk.

Rest assured, when these politicians gather at one table with each glass of coffee in front of them, what becomes abusive and emotional in public will turn into laughter because they are able to play public feelings with political intrigue that they themselves may forget , If you have coffee all that turns into laughter and tiwi.