Religion In Video Games

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Video Games and Religion

Video games has transformed so much since its inception. Today, game developers have been able to create video games that tell a story and where they are more interactive and engaging thanks to the evolving technology. Because of this, many aspects of the real world are incorporated into video games, like religion, whether these are based on religions in the real world or a fictional depiction of religion. To give you an example, below are two video games wherein religion is portrayed.

God of War

It is quite apparent how the PlayStation series takes from religion to form the video game as Greek mythology is an evident inspiration of the game.

Kratos, the son of Zeus and the protagonist, is the God of War after slaying Ares. For the start of the series, the setting of the video game was in Ancient Greece, wherein Hercules, Athena and Hades also appeared in the video game series. The most recent game, which was released in 2018, we begin to see more of Norse Mythology. Nonetheless, elements from Greek mythology still appear in the series.

Sid Meier’s Civilization

This classic PC game was released in 1991 and is a turn-based strategy game wherein it gives players control over a civilization, such as France or America, guiding players throughout its history. A tool used in this game is religion, whether it is to improve your civilization or to win the game, dependent upon the civilization.

Players are given the option to make their own religion or select from default names which are based on religions in the real-world such as Judaism or Hinduism. As soon as players have chosen their religion, they contend with other civilizations for their religion to be the most influential as well as most followed in the world. Furthermore, players could select their earned bonuses religion. Taxes or tithes will provide your civilization additional money. Military units could also be obtained making use of faith.