Difference Between Government and Governance

Proper Administration is essential for running any organization, department, company in a long run. Else the organization would face hurdles that would hamper its growth. Proper Administration doesn’t mean the correct manner of executing things alone. It also stresses the importance of the person who is leading the organization. Proper leader and implementation of the activities in a structured manner are the two sides of the same coin. Both are needed for a system to sustain itself in a long run.

The same principle applies to a state or country. A strong government combined with a clear vision and procedures to implement the vision are necessary for the growth of the nation. Both go hand in hand. Failure of either of the one will lead to the total collapse of the system. So, it becomes vital to have a proper government and correct governance. Only then does the organization/state flourish.

The difference between government and governance is government denotes a group of representatives who takes care of the administration and proper functioning of the country. Governance is all about the concept or the rules and regulations framed by the elected representatives to achieve the above-mentioned administration. In the government, the representatives are elected by the people of the country through direct and indirect elections in case of a democratic government.

Though government and governance are related to each other, they have a difference between them. To simply put, the government rules the organization or the country and the governance is the way adopted by the government to achieve the goals set by them for proper functioning. Both are necessary for the sustainability of the organization or the country.