Divide and Conquer or United we Stand?

Have you ever wondered why the world is divided into countries, then states, then cities and then counties and whatnot? Why is it impossible for us to live in just one group without these diversions? Generally, why we need to have borders and countries?

First and foremost, you must know what border is and its role before you truly understand countries. In this context, borders are the boundary that’s arranged by governments. To say the least, it is a basic function and within these lines, there’s a specific body of government that is responsible and set of rules that are put in place in which people need to follow.

There are instances to which borders could also be defined by natural features such as:

  • Ocean
  • Mountain or;
  • River

But at some point, borders could be straight lines that cuts through all sorts of natural lines and considered more of as political boundary.

It isn’t easy to have a border as not everyone would just agree on it. Though there are situations wherein we subconsciously get over this issue, just like in the world of marketing. No matter what a person’s political belief, religion or nationality, a good marketing can bind people together and create a community.

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For the Greater Good or Sake of the Few?

On the other hand, many people live in disputed territory and they are the ones who are suffering the most. It is because the decisions made about borders disputes is something that can’t be dealt with simple handshakes. What are worst, decision makers do not put the best interests of people who are living in these places. Powerful governments wanted to take over lands most specifically those that carry great value. And whether we like it or not, that is what more important to them than the status of natives living in the area.

A System to Follow

This is the same reason as well why numerous countries apply systems that are requiring permissions to live in other countries and might demand classes or long waiting periods or to have family ties before being permitted to live there. These are otherwise called as citizenship requirements and you may need to go through the process of immigration to complete this.