What The Impeachment Of Former President Trump Could Actually Do For The Country

What The Impeachment Of Former President Trump Could Actually Do For The Country

Former US President Donald Trump has been taking pride of surviving an impeachment attempt during his term. He boasts that the rule of the land has always been in favor of him, no matter how much the opposition tried to remove him from power. Now that he has completed his four-year stay in the White House, the Trump camp has nothing to worry about anymore related to the presidency…well, probably not.

Even as Trump is now thousands of miles away from Washington D.C., his days as POTUS would still haunt him. The American people certainly would not forget the horrific incident at the US Capitol when a pro-Trump mob forced their way into one of the US sacred grounds, hoping to stop the proclamation of Joe Biden as the next US president. Trump himself  rallied his supporters and direct them into “protecting democracy” as he continues to let everyone believe that he actually won the elections.

In his last days as POTUS, Trump could have thought twice about his actions. Because of this huge turmoil that he brought about, the Congress now has more solid reason to impeach him. Yes, even though he is no longer the president, he could still be impeached.

Really, Impeaching A Former President Can Be A Thing?

This could be a first in the history of American politics if Trump were to be impeached from office, even after leaving the White House. Normally, a sitting president would be impeached that would lead to his removal from power. In Trump’s case, who has lost the last election and is no longer holding any government post as of this writing, can be impeached in such a way that he will no longer be allowed to take any position in the US government.

If we are to base his chances in this new impeachment raps against him on the result of the 2020 elections, he is actually standing on wafer-thin ice. He was lucky enough to survive the impeachment attempt by the House of Representatives back in January 2020, as his Republican allies had more control of the Senate, thus blocking any chance of the impeachment pushing through. He also had the time to check out for some good storage London.

Now, the Democrats, led by the current POTUS himself, holds the majority of BOTH the Senate and the HOR. Obviously, Trump has to prepare for the best defense as the odds are against him this time around.

There are many other policies that the government can prioritize at this moment, but as for the second Trump impeachment, this would be the chance to prevent another shameful incident like what happened in the Capitol earlier this year.