Understanding Political Advertising: Pros and Cons

Political advertising in the present times. 

Online social media programs are now experiencing creasing pressure to end political ads that show fake or misleading information when it comes to the upcoming election. Politicians, people in the marketing and advertising industry, and the people, in general, have argued whether there should be more strict rules about political advertising on social media.


Digital advertising on social media is an essential means for political candidates to seek voters and attract supporters. Candidates have stated that they spent almost $100 million up to date on political advertising on social media platforms.

It is understandable why they decided to invest a huge chunk of money as it is the fastest way to expand their reach and promote their campaign. People are almost always glued to their mobile phones under 30000.


Digital ads on social media platforms are not subject to the same exposure ordinances that pertain to popular television and political advertisements on radio and other conventional media channels. Nevertheless, people are settling a burden on social media platforms to forbid political ads.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of restricting political advertisements


  • Proponents of restricting campaign microtargeting assume it could reduce election intrusion and misinformation.


  • Could hurt fewer famous candidates
  • Could overcome voter output
  • Manage all digital federal expression.

As large tech companies improve their politician advertisement policies in support of restricting politicians’ ability to target voters through microtargeting, this will probably compromise the tinier campaigns that depend on microtargeting to expand their reach. It could basically clear out any of the small plyers from even having an opportunity to play. It is really going to rig the policy in favor of only those with huge budgets.

Not every political party or candidate has enough money for a social media campaign. Several can only sustain digital ads with fewer funds. If we kill off that choice, we are neglecting the chance for new candidates to join into a free-market political group.