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UNCOMPROMISED FAITH: Overcoming Our Culturalized Christianity

Tear down cultural barriers to the reception of the gospel, and learn how to advance Christ's kingdom in today's postmodern, post-Christian culture.

"Valuable wisdom..." - WORLD Magazine

For nearly two-thousand years, Christians have been formulating and presenting a serious interpretation of life that was then applied to every aspect of society and culture. This “interpretation” once shaped the great institutions of Western civilization as well as the social and moral consensus.

However, a serious shift began in the latter part of the eighteenth century that continues to this day. Christianity began to be supplanted by “new” ideas about life and reality—ideas that sought to elevate man and eliminate God.

Initially, this challenge was met by serious and intellectually formidable Christians. However, by the end of the 1800s, an anti-intellectual spirit began to dominate the American Church and Christians—ill-equipped to contend for the truth—slowly surrendered the culture.  

"In comparison with its past   achievements, evangelical Christianity today is in a pathetic state of decadence and decline in the West."

These are among the very real and serious conditions that have contributed to the marginalization of the Christian faith in American life and culture and it is these conditions that are now undermining our society. Sexual anarchy, moral relativism, individualism, narcissism, consumerism and a host of false and pernicious ideas have combined to create formidable barriers to both the reception of the gospel and the pursuit of Christ’s kingdom.

In UNCOMPROMISED FAITH, S. Michael Craven peels back the layers of contemporary culture to expose the unwitting cultural captivity of the American Church and gives Christians the understanding necessary in order to tear down "false pretensions" that keep people from a knowledge of God.


"In this most accessible book, Michael Craven addresses the mega-problem of a 'culturized' (and isolated) Christianity with Caleb-like courage.... This book will reward serious consideration."

-DAVID NAUGLE, Th.D., Ph.D, Dallas Baptist University





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