Towing a Pastor’s Vehicle: What to do when the Pastor can’t drive?


Pastors are tasked with leading the church, so they need to be available during the week. This often means that they need to be driving to different places on Sunday morning, which is not always possible if their vehicle has been towed.

The best thing that a church can do is to have a plan in place for what happens if their pastor’s vehicle is towed. This plan should include who will take over for the pastor in his absence and how to get the vehicle out of tow as quickly as possible.

 The Importance of Towing Pastors’ Vehicles

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The Best Practices for Towing Pastors’ Vehicles

Pastors are often asked to be available for their congregations on call. This can mean they are on the road a lot, and they need to keep their car in good condition so that it doesn’t break down. It can also mean that they need to tow other pastors’ vehicles when they have car trouble.

Pastors will want to make sure that their cars are well-maintained and regularly inspected. They will also want to make sure that the emergency kit is always stocked with items like jumper cables, flares, and a first-aid kit. They should also carry at least one spare tire in the trunk of the vehicle, as well as a jack if needed.