The True meaning of the Fish Symbol in Cars

The fish symbol; you’ve been seeing them on trucks and cars virtually everywhere. There are so many vehicles both commercial and personal use have it displayed either on their rear windows or bumpers. Was it because they are praying that their fish pets like peacock eel – care, feeding, tank mates & details!  to be free from sickness or was it for something else entirely? What was this symbol actually mean and where it all started?

The Use of the Symbol

Back then, Christians were persecuted both by religious leaders and the government of their time. Roman emperors typically regard themselves gods and demand that people should worship them as one. As a result, Christian religion which was worshipping Jesus Christ becomes a threat to these emperors and to their reign. These believers though following the emperor’s demands hid their beliefs from the government as a result.

The “fish” symbol was actually a way wherein Christians can identify themselves to each other without the religious leaders or the government recognizing them. When meeting someone new, a believer will be drawing half of the fish symbol while the other will complete the half.

Modern Day Usage of the Symbol

In this modern time, the importance of the symbol seems to fade off as in the US, it is used more of a decorative element than anything else. American Christians don’t fear that they’ll be punished to death or even be imprisoned simply because of their faith. Thus, the symbol that was stuck on cars and several other objects are used as identification that the person is a believer of Jesus.

A Word of Caution

But as for those who are just learning this symbol; you’re not automatically a Christian just by sporting the fish symbol on your car. Instead, you’re a Christian if you recognize that you’re a sinner, has repented to your sins and at the same time, committed your life to Jesus. A true Christian knows that a life lived out for Christ is a better witness in comparison to sticking a plastic fish sticker on your car.