Signs that a Politician is Corrupt

The Philippine national and local elections are almost there. With all the difficulties the country is experiencing, i.e., poverty, malnutrition, high lay-off rate, lack of establishments, and traffic gridlock, we cannot allow to elect corrupt individuals, particularly a corrupt leader of the state.

The future of our kids relies on our votes. Once again, political competitors will come to us like job candidates needing to be hired. Don’t make an error and hire the undeserving ones who will put our money on their pockets and be direct developers of Here are some ways to recognize if a political aspirant is undeserving or not.

1. Do a background check.
Just like an employer who’s looking for new workers, do background checks on the applicants. Look for their past jobs and assess their past performance. Check their family relationship – is the politician a great husband, a loving wife?

3. Check their promises or platforms.
Crooked politicians don’t have a serious purpose and specific plans to help our country. Their purpose is to get money from the citizens. Thus, assess their obligations or programs if they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and trackable). If a candidate’s commitments are too great to be real, then you must know that his political undertaking will be a scam.

4. Determine if the politician likes to enlighten or not.
Keep in mind that corrupt people are scared of light and they love to sneak in the dark. If the politician is scared of facing the charges against him and likes leaving the people with unanswered issues, then you must keep on doubting.

5. Be aware of the entities encompassing the politician.
Decide if the legislator is a victim or not. Puppets don’t have freedom. They are managed by a few people or organizations to whom they have debt of gratitude. These things are actually the ones who support their campaign costs.

6. Discover if the politician is wasting time or not.
Time is also business. We, the ones who pay tax, are giving our government officials for their time to work and serve us well. If the politician has done nothing efficient during his term as a government official, then he just spent our time, our taxes, and our money. And that’s also a form of fraud.