How Technology Will Change the Future of Politics

Social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp are very popular. Young individuals, activists, and protest movements utilizing the internet and electronic devices. These are the ideas that normally come to mind when technology is being discussed as a medium of social change.

The internet and mobiles have forever impacted how people communicate and disseminate data. Regardless of what the internet has raised, it has introduced a new experience, with typically different way to interact to anything that’s not experienced before. Majority of the word’s population is now dependent to the internet and initiatives like Google’s Project Loon and Facebook’s internet drones could provide connectivity to a lot of people.

1. Policing and criminal justice

Predictive policing will be real. There is nothing great about law enforcement agencies organizing and utilizing intelligence to determine where a crime is being discussed and attempt to stop it before it happens. Nevertheless, predictive policing may take this idea another – very important- step back through the determining of people or groups who could do a crime prior to even having the intention of doing it. Some police forces in other countries and the UK are already utilizing or assessing with this approach: it uses existing information about previous crimes and artificial intelligence to identify the possibility and location of crime before it happens.

2. Work and workers’ human rights

Technology is disrupting business in very substantial ways. Uber may be the highest-profile example of an entirely new business model enabled by current technology that overturned a popular industry, it is far from the only one. These newest models are exploring employment relationships in great methods.

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3. Inequality

Worldwide development indicators are prevalent— rampant poverty, undernourishment, to name a few, while access to education and clean water is getting worse. While not nearly as fast as it should have been, there has been great improvement just in the past twenty years and it should still happen in future. Economic inequality within countries will continue to increase and unless there is a greater taxation method and wealth redistribution, it will make social tensions and political instability much worse.