“Fat Nonsense” Belief of the Politicians Relating to Speed Reduction

Everything is on Table

Politically, The Hague is about nothing else: a speed cut to tackle the nitrogen crisis and save Gauge, Nitrogen, Tankerthousands of jobs in the construction industry. The Cabinet has yet to make a decision, but the parties are already discussing less about speeding on (high) roads.

The cabinet is allocating half a billion euros to tackle the nitrogen crisis, Minister Carola Schouten reported last Friday. An online school like driver safety course ny will educate and guide you on the proper usage of nitrogen. The government wants to use the money to reduce nitrogen deposits in nature reserves and to strengthen nature. The amount comes from the government’s budgetary reserve. It is not yet known how the extra money will be spent.

What is often referred to as a measure is a reduction in speed on the motorways from 130 to 100 km / h. But what do the parties think about this? An overview.

“There are no taboos in thinking,” “But we don’t take measures that don’t help.”

Lowering the speed limit is a sensitive issue within the government party. Dijkhoff: “This is not a measure that is fun or leads to enthusiasm. If you were to do it at all, there should be a lot in return.”

Dijkhoff demands a thorough calculation before making any decisions.

Group chairman Gert-Jan Segers: “Everything is on the table, there are no taboos. We all feel the urgency that people can keep their jobs. Sometimes you have to take unorthodox measures.”

A car-free Sunday? “That is very soothing, but that has not been put on the table by us. And we mainly look at measures that have a quick impact. There is nothing taboo in that.”

“The top priority is building houses and protecting nature. We want to do everything we can. The reduction of the maximum speed is certainly negotiable,” says Rob Jetten of D66.

Whether he is in favor of a national speed reduction? “We first want to know whether that makes sense and how many extra houses can be built as a result.