Famous Mythological and Religious Creatures In Archery

During ancient warfare, archery was the most common subject of art as well as the most attractive one. This subject is still practiced in today’s modern era and is classified under the sport category reliving the ancient history. As mankind evolved, elements of archery also evolved simultaneously with the difference between religion and spirituality.

Based on research and studies, the tools for archery were developed by humans in caves which were once used for hunting during 20,000 BC.

The first civilization who said to adopt the idea of archery for warfare was the Egyptians during 3,000 BC. Meanwhile, the Indians also practiced archery similarly as with the Egyptians during their time. Yet, there is no evidence that used to prove their claims.

Looking back on human evolution, there are a number of names of mythological and religious archers who were once believed to serve their warfare leaders. Loving archery means knowing and learning the names of those archers. In this article, we will have time to get to know some of them.

Mythological and Religious Archers

I used this list of reviews of the famous names of archers within the religious and mythological aspects.


In Greek and Roman history, the term Olympian deity is granted to Apollo. He was the child of Zeus – the god of sky and thunder of the ancient Greek, and Leto – Titans Coeus daughter to Phoebe. Apollo is well-known as the god of archery and he was credited for inventing archery. He both owned a golden and silver bow in which the latter was used occasionally.


Artemis, based on ancient Greek mythology and religion, is the deity of the hunt and the archery. She is the beautiful twin sister of Apollo. A bow and arrow together with a quiver plus a hunting dog, stag, and moon symbolize Artemis. In addition, Artemis was praised as the goddess of childbirth.


In classical Greek mythology, Cupid symbolizes love, affection, charm, and aspiration. He was born to Mars and Venus, the god of war and goddess of love consecutively. In terms of Greek art, Cupid is a chubby, cute, little boy. Yet, he was a fearless and legendary archer.