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Young Girls Going Wild, But at What Consequences?  

August 9, 2007

Mental health experts say more and more youngsters are being influenced by the “sexualization of girls,” a term coined in a report released earlier this year by the American Psychological Association.


Pornography's Link to Rape  

July 29, 2006
by Dr. Judith Reisman

Would you try to put out a fire with gasoline?

No? Then you might disagree with an MSNBC online article, "Porn: Good for America !" by Glenn Reynolds, a of law professor. Reynolds suggests that pornography reduces rape! In this article, Dr. Judith Reisman examines the facts demonstrating the correlation between the proliferation of pornography and sex crimes.


Sex Study & Media Spin  

September 26, 2005
by S. Michael Craven

This past week the Centers for Disease Control released the results of a nationwide study, Sexual Behavior and Selected Health Measures: Men and Women 15-44 Years of Age, United States 2002.

Initial reports on this study from both the Washington Post and New York Times suggest very different conclusions than the report seems to indicate.


Empowering Women or Enslaving Them?  

September 6, 2005
by S. Michael Craven

Recently, pornography distributor, Philip D. Harvey, filed suit against the Bush administration over its anti-prostitution policies saying that the restriction on USAID funding is an "unconstitutional infringement of speech." (Only a pornographer could come up with that one.) Harvey, the founder and chief executive of one of the world's largest mail-order pornography and sex merchandise businesses is also the founder and president of DKT International which promotes condoms in lieu of abstinence and [eugenic] abortion in the developing world and is a major proponent of population control.


Pornography: The Deconstruction of Human Sexuality  

September 21, 2004

As a result of the proliferation of pornography, there are many today that have removed pornography from any moral category altogether and simply regard this as a First Amendment issue. In fact, according to research by George Barna conducted in November 2003, thirty-eight percent of American adults surveyed stated that pornography was morally acceptable.[i] This is the first supposition that we must address: is pornography morally acceptable or is it in fact immoral? And if we suppose it is immoral, on what basis do we make this distinction?


Where the Battle Rages: The Sexualizing of America  

April 21, 2004
by S. Michael Craven

The sexual revolution of the 1960s was arguably one of the most significant cultural events in American history, certainly within the 20th century. It was significant in the sense that prior to the 60s ís moral consensus, along with our public and social policies, was derived from profoundly Christian principles and values: in essence, the Christian worldview.



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