A Deeper Understanding of Sect

Sect is actually a religious group that is subset say of a denomination or a religion. In most cases, sects are sharing the same idea as the religion that’s their foundation. Though, it is going to have differences in other aspects.

Cults vs. Sects

The terms cults and sect are interchangeably used so often. But this should not be. It’s for the reason that cults are extreme and small groups and normally marked by corrupt leaders who have manipulative, unethical or intense practices. For instance, a cult can be like strictly following what time is 1800 and doing their practices, whatever that may be.

Sects on the other hand are far more different from cults. They’re only religious offshoots from other groups. But since of how frequent these terms are used often, many become confused about its purpose.

A lot of people who belong to a sect are describing themselves as part of small denomination. That is, to avoid the negative stigma among them.

What are Examples of a Religious Sect?

Religious sects have been the center of radical changes as well as new movements. An example of sect was the Nazarenes. This is a group that is made primarily of Jesus’ followers after his death. While they’re considered a Jewish sect initially, Nazarenes were known as first Christians.

These days, sects are prominent and among the most popular ones is Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which is better known as Mormons. This sect evolved eventually into their own denomination of Christianity and keeps growing in members and followers.

Christian Sects of the Modern Day

Christianity has the biggest number of sects. Back then, Christians are associating sects with blasphemous and heresy beliefs. But in the past few years, sects gained the respect they seek. Christian sect is now recognized as a separate group from its core religion over some practices and beliefs. Within Catholic Church, there are numerous sects that are operating separately but still considering themselves as Catholic similar to the Palmarian Catholic Church, the Community of the Lady of All Nations and a lot more.